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About Nanu

They say life restarts after 100 years.
So is the case of Nanu, a 103-year-old farmer with the
innocent smile of a 3-year-old. Born in 1902,
Nanu doubled as a doctor for farm animals and children
below 5. Isn't that an odd combination for a doctor?
He'd reply naughtily with a chuckle,
"Ha, they are both mutes who can't talk
about their illness. That's why I love helping them".
Nanu inspires us to love & pamper unconditionally,
and is the spirit behind our Kisan-to-Kitchen™ Movement.
JoyKisan is a tribute to our forefathers,
the greatest of farmers and to Nanu.

About Us

We're a tribute to its own kind.
You can say that we are a B2B2C Brand &
a Technology Platform. And you can also say that we
are the lightening bridge of joy & nourishment
that connects millions of Happy Farmers with millions of
Joyful Kitchens. We help small farmers sell super fresh,
Ooty Vegetables, Exotics, Leafy Greens & Organics
on JoyKisan. And we also help passionate restaurateurs
to sell their tasty delights on JoyKitchen.
It's a technology-enabled ecosystem where
there are no middlemen & no commissions.
Let's Share Happiness.